Dangerous collision in 2 trains, engine blew up

Hatia: Reports have come to light about the railway accident on the Hatia Bandamunda section, which reportedly collided head-on with two trains on the Hatia Rourkela railway section in Jharkhand at 9.40 pm on Saturday. The collision was so dangerous that many wagon trials with the engine were blown away. Loco pilots sitting in both the trains, assistant loco pilots jumped off the engine before the train collided. Loco pilot Ranjit Kumar sustained serious injuries in the accident. According to media reports, Bano Railway Police and several senior officers have reached the spot after the tragic incident.

Officials of the same railway said that one goods train was empty and the other was loaded. The crane was sent from behind after sending the relief train. It was then that the medical relief train was flagged off to the accident site. It was said that loco pilots and assistant loco pilots and guards on board the crashed goods train are residents of Hatia. Loco pilot Ranjit Kumar is a resident of Assistant Pilot Sanjay Kumar Hatia. Also, RK Ambast, Loco Pilot Ashok Kumar Sinha, Assistant Pilot RK Rajak, N Box Karmapada, Hatia-Bandamunda are residents.

The goods train was on its way from Bokaro to Karmapada. On the other hand, a goods train was coming from Rourkela towards Bokaro. The mistake was made by the Pakra and Kurkura stations. Both of them gave green signals for train operations. Due to this, both the trains collided head-on on the same track. The goods train is said to have entered line number three of Kurkura station from the Ranchi side. In the same sequence, a goods train from Rourkela to Ranchi via Bano also broke the signal and entered line 3. Everyone was afraid of the same incident.

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