Have you been friend-zoned? Here comes real help for you

Friend zoned is quite common term we had hear and talked about. It’s a strange feeling of being friends with this person and slowly at a point you develop real feelings for them. But what happens when you are friend zoned. Yes! sadly for you, they still consider you only as a good friend and nothing else!

At times like these, being friend-zoned can be painful and quite frustrating. Even when you trying to flirt but they simply ignore it as you being cheeky! Here we are to help you get out of the dreaded friend zone.

1. Start maintaining your distance

Don’t stay available for them always. Take a break. Let them know your worth. This will make them miss you and might make them realise their feelings for you.

2. Make them jealous

May be your presence is been taken for granted, make them aware of their competition by interacting with people of the opposite sex and making them jealous.

3. Don’t come across as needy

You can aoid being clingy and don’t let them take advantage of your vulnerabilities.

4. Don’t make them centre of your universe

Focus on your goals instead of obsessing over them and somehow trying to convince them to fall in love with you. If they have feelings for you, they will realise it sooner or later without you trying so hard.

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