Ways to tell someone ‘I Love You’ without making it too obvious

Being actually in love is a rare feeling. It occurs in various ways that one can’t simply explain. It is a beautiful yet complex emotion. People often fall in and out of love but it becomes difficult at times to convey our feelings. But it is possible through various gestures, a touch or an act of kindness. However, in today’s day and age of online dating, teenagers have taken down to texting to confess their love.

The pandemic has also left us with lockdown which makes it difficult to meet someone and confess your love in person.

Don’t worry! We are here to give you tips:

- Flirt

Healthy flirting goes a long way and is a good way to show your interest in someone. Make them feel nice and appreciated by complimenting them.

- Reciprocate

It is all reciprocating energy, efforts and feelings. Reciprocating whatever they are saying will show them that you are equally interested and your feelings are genuine.

- Share music

Sharing music is a kind of love language as it conveys your taste in many things. By sending them a song or dedication a song for them, they will think about you in a different perspective.

- Use GIFS and emojis

Words sometimes don’t justify our emotions and feelings, in such case, you can use emojis or gifs to adore them.

- Give fast replies

Giving fast replies shows that you are similarly interested to talk to them.

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