'Rahul Gandhi should not forget that...', Kumaraswamy selectively targets Congress
'Rahul Gandhi should not forget that...', Kumaraswamy selectively targets Congress

Bangalore: Congress has got a phobia of regional parties. "These sharp words are from former Karnataka CM and JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy. In fact, on the last day of the Congress' Chintan Shivir in Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi had said that regional parties cannot take on the BJP-RSS as they do not have any ideological commitment. JD(S) leader Kumaraswamy has hit back at former Congress president Rahul Gandhi's statement.

Kumaraswamy has said that the United Front government led by I K Gujral was toppled by Congress because it demanded that the DMK be kept out of the cabinet. At that time, the Congress had said that the DMK had links with the LTTE, the organisation that assassinated Rajiv Gandhi. But after a few years, the same Congress got involved with the DMK. Kumaraswamy tweeted, "Was it an ideological commitment to run the UPA-1 and UPA-2 governments led by Manmohan Singh after being in power for 10 years with the DMK?''

On Rahul Gandhi's statement in Udaipur that congress alone has the power to defeat the BJP, Kumaraswamy said that Rahul Gandhi should not forget that Congress has enjoyed power for 10 years only on the trust of regional parties. "Took part in the BJP's 'Operation Lotus' behind the scenes, then formed an alliance with us, was it an ideological commitment?" Was the break-up of the alliance after that a political system based on ideology?'

Kumaraswamy further said that hitting out at the Congress, which was once an ally of his, said it did not exist in many states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha. In Karnataka too, the last days of the Congress are going on. It would be better if Rahul Gandhi understood this, in the 2018 Karnataka assembly elections, no party got a majority. At that time, the Congress had formed the government with the JDS, in which Kumaraswamy became the chief minister. But after 14 months, the two parties had differences and the government fell.

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