Headaches, itching may be brought on by indoor pollution: study
Headaches, itching may be brought on by indoor pollution: study

LUCKNOW: It's possible that a headache, itchy skin, and runny or stuffy nose are not only cold symptoms. It can be a result of your home's poor indoor air quality.

In Lucknow, research among women and children revealed that poor indoor quality causes more than ten illnesses. including wheezing and coughing, dry throat, breathing difficulties, itchy eyes, and more.

A group from the chemistry department at Isabella Thoburn College of the University of Lucknow conducted the study under the direction of Alfred Lawrence in order to evaluate the health risk that indoor air pollution poses primarily to women and children.

The research's findings, which were recently presented at an international conference at the University College of Stockholm in Sweden, revealed that headache was the most prevalent symptom, reported by 60% of women, while stuffy nose was the most prevalent symptom among children, recorded by 62%. 560 women from three different microenvironments were among the participants.

While 434 (77.5%) of the women came from planned residential areas, 107 (19.1%) came from the city's industrial belt, and 19 (3.4%) came from its commercial belt.

In order to analyse the variation pattern, a real-time portable air sampler was put in the living space at least two metres away from the room's walls and doors. It was discovered that indoor PM 2.5 pollution concentrations were roughly six times higher than WHO guidelines.

The survey also revealed that 51.1% of women are cognitively oblivious of domestic air pollution. The study discovered that in women, the head region (61.1%), lungs (21.1%), and tracheobronchial region had the highest particle deposition rates (17.3 per cent). 62% of the 408 kids who took part in the study complained of having a stuffy nose, and 30.6% of them said they had a dry or sore throat.

The study found, these symptoms were often more common in October and November, followed by February and April. It also found that children who are exposed to poor indoor air quality have an increased risk of developing attention deficit hyperactivity.

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