The international federation got suspended by the Olympic Committee!

Jun 27 2019 03:11 PM
The international federation got suspended by the Olympic Committee!

The International Boxing Federation (IBA) has been suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). IOC Director General Christophe de Caper issued the letter saying that IBA will not be restored until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Boxers from all the countries that qualify for the Olympics will play in the Olympics under the banner of the IOC. Let us know the full details

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In this case, the IOC said that there were financial complaints since the 2018 Youth Olympics. IBA has been suspended after reports of them being found guilty in the investigation. The IOC will talk to IBA after the Olympics.

The qualifying matches for the Tokyo Olympics will begin in the next few months. The task force created by the IOC will work for the Olympics to replace IBA. Tokyo will organize an international competition task force related to the Olympics qualifier, and its referee and judge will also be selected by the task force, and the competition task force conducted by IBA has nothing to do with it.

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The IOC has ordered the Olympic Association of all countries to decide who will oversee the boxing team for the qualifying event. Now the Indian Olympic Association in India has to decide whether the boxers will be sent under their supervision in the qualifying competition or under the supervision of the Indian Boxing Federation.

The weight of boxers at the Tokyo Olympics has been changed. The boxers in 10 weights were involved in the men's event at the Rio Olympics, so now eight weights are included in Tokyo. The women's event at the Rio Olympics included three weight boxers and five weights in Tokyo.

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