Copa America: Defending team Chile win over Ecuador by 2-1

Jun 25 2019 03:16 PM
Copa America: Defending team Chile win over Ecuador by 2-1

Alexey Sanchez beat English football club Manchester United, giving his national team Chile a 2-1 victory over Ecuador in the Copa America quarter-finals.

In this exciting match, Jose Funjalida scored a goal in the eighth minute to give the last two-time champions Chile an early lead, but Iner Valencia scored a penalty kick in the 26th minute of the game to give Ecuador a tie. Sanchez then scored the decisive goal in the 51st minute for the second time in the tournament. It was Sanchez's 43rd overall goal of his international career. A minute before the scheduled time, Gabriel Heilier was shown a red card and was out of the field, leading the Ecuadorian team to finish the match with 10 players. After his second consecutive victory in Group C, the Chilean team has entered the knockout stage with a total of six points, while it is yet to play a match.

For your information, the 30-year-old Sanchez had a chance to start in only nine matches in the English Premier League last season in which he scored only one goal. He continued to struggle with his form last season, affected by the injury. Sanchez suffered a slight ankle after the match against Ecuador, but he said it was not a serious injury. In Cairo, the national team of AFP Muhammad Salah began their campaign of a record eighth title victory in the Africa Cup of Nations, beating Zimbabwe 1-0. In the last FIFA World Cup, Liverpool's star Salah failed to shine due to injury, but he showed a sharp game in the Group-A match against Zimbabwe. In the 41st minute of the game, Mahmoud Trezemute Hasan scored the winning start. These goals played a decisive role in the team's victory.

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