This is the best time to have your cup of black coffee, know here
This is the best time to have your cup of black coffee, know here

Many women start their day with a cup of coffee. She cannot even begin her day until she gets coffee. Coffee gives you energy and keeps you fit throughout the day. Coffee is considered beneficial for health, but in reality, it is only when you consume it in limited quantity and at the right time. You may find it strange to drink, but drinking coffee also has its own time and if you consume coffee accordingly, then you will not have any health-related harm.

In the morning
If you have a habit of drinking coffee before breakfast as soon as you wake up, change it today. Consuming coffee as soon as waking up in the morning increases the amount of cortisol present in the body. Cortisol is responsible for regulating your immune system, metabolism and stress response. If you will consume coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning, you will also complain of mood swings with increasing stress level in your body.

Not empty stomach
Never drink coffee on an empty stomach. If you have not eaten for a long time, do not forget to drink coffee. You may have many health problems like acidity, ulcers, constipation and stomach problems. Not only that, when the number of acid increases by drinking coffee on an empty stomach, it causes a burning sensation in the chest.

Before workout
Drinking coffee before a workout is considered good for health. Drinking coffee half an hour before a workout boosts your metabolism and the caffeine in it increases your body's energy. However, keep in mind that you drink only one cup of coffee. Its excess can cause problems.

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