Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan's big statement on Baba Ramdev's medicine

Jun 29 2020 10:26 AM
Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan's big statement on Baba Ramdev's medicine

New Delhi: Baba Ramdev's company Patanjali Ayurved has claimed to make coronavirus medicine. Yoga Baba Ramdev has also launched this medicine on Tuesday. With the launch, this drug named Coronil has been mired in controversies. The response of Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister has now come to the fore. He has said that the AYUSH ministry is investigating and I have come to know that the AYUSH ministry has obtained all the information related to medicine from Baba Ramdev.

Talking to a private news channel, Dr Harshvardhan said that personally I have not studied him. The Ayurvedic medicines of Baba Ramdev is studied by the Ministry of AYUSH. And as far as I know, the Ministry of AYUSH has obtained all the information from Baba Ramdev. Dr Harshvardhan further said that only the Ayush Ministry can give an accurate statement about Baba Ramdev's medicine. The ministry is investigating the drug.

Regarding Corona, Dr Harsh Vardhan said that the situation of India is better than other countries. Many experts had said that there will be 300 million corona cases in India so far. India has fewer cases than the world and the death rate is also lower. Only Russia has a higher recovery rate than India. We are in a better position. People need not worry.

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