These things must be eaten in dengue fever, platelets will increase

Every year, when the rainy season comes, malaria and chikungunya start spreading among the people. This leads to the fear of terror among people. In the same season, mosquito fever makes the body completely weak. Most importantly, dengue mosquitoes thrive in clean water and their bites cause fever, body pain, etc. Not only that, their bites cause the platelets in the blood to fall very fast. This can lead to fatal diseases if dengue patients do not take the right diet. Eating the right amount of nutritious food during this time can cure the disease. Now we tell you what causes platelets to grow by consuming what in dengue fever.

Papaya Juice - First wash the papaya leaves thoroughly and then cut them finely. Now take medium-sized papaya and cut it finely and add lemon juice and half a cup of orange. Now add a little water to everything and prepare the juice and drink fresh.

Coconut Water Coconut water is very beneficial for health. Drinking it keeps the body hydrated. In fact, it contains a variety of nutrients. Coconut water will benefit you if you don't feel like eating and drinking anything in dengue fever.

Pomegranate juice - Pomegranate juice should be consumed to increase blood in the body. In fact, pomegranate naturally contains minerals that give energy to the body.

How to prevent dengue and malaria mosquitoes:

1. Throw the waste properly. Do not allow water to accumulate.

2. Cover all containers or empty utensils in your garden or roof.

3. Wear full sleeves when leaving the house.

4. Take sprays, creams to avoid mosquitoes.

5. Close the doors and windows in the evening.

6. Avoid unnecessarily moving around.

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