Chhattisgarh: 7,000 chairs in municipality purchased at double the price, angry councillor demands action

Raipur: A three-seater steel chair for Ward-3 has been purchased at double the market price from the councillor's fund in Dallirajhara municipality of Balod district of Chhattisgarh. Ward councillor Soni Dubey complained to the chief municipal officer. It has also appealed for a ban on the purchase. In a memorandum sent to the Chief Municipal Officer, Councillor Soni Dubey said that rs 35,000 had been recommended to order 5 three-seater from the councillor's fund. Thereafter, the purchase was being made through JM portal. Not only that, the government has allowed open tenders for this work. Even after the government ordered the closure of purchases from the JM portal, you have purchased about Rs.18 lakhs through the JM portal for more than the market rate.

Wastage of government money: The councillor further said that you people buy from contractors or firms at a rate higher than the market price. Before sanctioning the rate, the market price is sanctioned at a higher rate without ascertaining. When people find out the prices of these items in the open market and put them on social media, the general public directly accuses the councillors of corruption. On the other hand, corporators are notorious for commissioning municipal authorities. The money of the government is being used carelessly. So, don't buy a three-seater steel chair from our councillor's fund for more than the market rate.

Purchased as per market price: Ward councillor said he has recommended Rs 35,000 for 5 nos. 3 seater steel chair for Ward-3. He has been given only 2 nos. The three-seater steel chair is kept in the store branch of the municipal office. Chief Municipal Officer Narayan Sahu said that the goods have been purchased as per the market price. Quality goods have been procured.

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