Want to make spicy salad then definitely try Masala Chana Salad

If you want to eat something healthy today, then you can make chana salad. Chana salad can prove to be good in eating and beneficial for health. So let's know how we can make chana salad.

Ingredients for making chickpea salad-
Kabuli gram - 1 cup (boiled)
Tomatoes - 1-2 (finely chopped)
Apple- 1 (finely chopped)
Carrot- 1 (finely chopped) 

For spices
Honey - 1-2 tsp
Lemon juice - 1 tsp
Roasted cumin powder - 1 tsp
Black salt - according to taste
Coriander - 1/2 tsp (finely chopped)
Mint leaves - 1/2 tsp (finely chopped)

For garnish
Roasted nuts - 1 tbsp
Cheese - 5-6 pieces

Method of making chana salad- First of all, put gram, carrots, tomatoes and apples in a bowl and set aside. Now after this, put the ingredients of the spices in the mixer and grind it. After this, put the prepared spices in a bowl containing chickpeas and mix. So take your salad ready. Now you take it out in the serving bowl and garnish with roasted nuts and cheese and serve. We are sure everyone in your house will like it and everyone will build a pool of your compliments.  It is going to be very much liked by the elders of the house to the children.

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