Big news: Brisk walking reduces the risk of heart attack by 34 percent, new research reveals

In today's time, the risk of heart failure is the highest and in men, it is the highest, but recently a shocking revelation has taken place. In fact, in research, it has been revealed that the risk of heart failure decreases by 34 percent when walking at a fast pace. Yes, this is claimed by Brown University in the US has done its recent research. In the research on women for two decades, it has been revealed that the danger on the heart in increasing age can also be reduced through walks. Researchers at Brown University did research on women over the age of 25,000 for two decades.

In such a situation, the research revealed that 1,455 women had heart failure during this period. You all must know that heart failure means that the heart is no longer able to pump blood into the whole body. In such a situation, the report published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society says, they were questioned about how many walks the women involved in the research did. Based on their answers, the report was prepared. In such a situation, they were monitored for two decades and the study revealed that women who walked at a high speed had a 34 percent lower risk of heart failure.

Yes, on the other hand, researcher Dr Charles Aton says that the condition of a heart attack in 1,455 women means that with increasing age, their ability to pump blood to the whole body began to decrease. You all must be aware that walking is good health, although research has found that speech has a positive effect on this problem.

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