Heavy snowfall and rain caused havoc in Balochistan, 14 died
Heavy snowfall and rain caused havoc in Balochistan, 14 died

Islamabad: The situation has worsened after heavy rain and snowfall in Pakistan's Balochistan province. 14 people, including women and children, have died and more than 12 people have been injured due to heavy snowfall and incessant rains. Road and air traffic has been affected due to bad weather and Balochistan is completely cut off from the rest of the world.

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Emergency has been implemented in 7 districts of this province. According to the information, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) on Sunday declared Emergency in Mastung, Qila Abdullah, Ketch, Ziarat, Harnai, and Pishin districts. Addressing the media, Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan said that the commissioner and deputy commissioner had been alerted. Heavy snow has blocked the highway from Mehtarzai to Zhib and many vehicles are stranded there.

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Continuous snowfall in Quetta has caused many crude houses to collapse and many people have died. The 'Dawn' newspaper has reported that 14 people died and many others were injured due to snowfall at various places. Sources in the Civil Hospital Quetta said that dozens of injured were brought to the hospital for treatment. The Meteorological Department said that heavy snowfall has broken the 20-year-old record.

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