North Korea demands this to resume the Nuclear discussion with the US
North Korea demands this to resume the Nuclear discussion with the US

Seoul: Amid the ongoing conflict between the US and North Korea over the nuclear treaty, North Korea has said on Saturday that nuclear talks will resume only when the US fully accepts their demands. North Korea said that US President Donald Trump's letter was received in which the leader Kim Jong-un has been given a happy birthday. There have been three meetings between the US President and Kim since June 2018, but since the Hanoi meeting in February last, there has been a lot of tension about the talks.

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North Korean Foreign Ministry adviser Kim Ky Gwan has said that Donald Trump's congratulatory letter has reached North Korea from the US. According to the government news agency, Guan said in a statement that, "as the world has acknowledged, it is true that personal relations between Kim Jong Un and President Trump are not bad." The advisor said, 'We are being cheated by the US, for more than one and a half years we were kept busy in talks and this time was wasted for us'.

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On the nuclear talks, he said that the talks could be resumed only if Washington had a full agreement on the issues raised by North Korea. North Korea has never officially confirmed Kim's age or date of birth, but basketball star Dennis Rodman called him a Happy Birthday before an exhibition match in Pyongyang on January 8, 2014.

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