Helicopter Eela Movie Review: Get a fun ride with your mom for an endearing tell of motherly love

Helicopter Eela Movie Review: Get a fun ride with your mom for an endearing tell of motherly love

Helicopter Eela Story: The story is  based  too much possessive mother inspired on a Gujarati play ‘Beta, Kaagdo’. The role of strong and a single mother is played by one of the finest actor of B-town Kajol , who takes her son’s well-being responsibility alone. The only motive of her life is her son. But will she lose herself and her son in this unrelenting pursuit; you will have to watch the movie.

Helicopter Eela Movie Review -The movie starts with Sunita Rao’s song ‘Pari Hoon Main’ playing on radio. Kajol as Eela Raiturkar who is a promising singer of the 90s and doesn’t live in the past.  But her whole world now revolves around her 20-year-old son Vivaan, which character is played by Riddhi Sen.
Even She follows his son all the way to his college and she turns up as a fellow student and takes admission in the same class of hers son.

Pradeep Sarkar’s directorial shows a generational confrontation right at the start. In the first half with Baba Sehgal’s raps, writers Anand Gandhi and Mitesh Shah convey the ups and downs in the life of a young couple Eela and her husband -played a role by Tota Roy Chowdhury. Without much melodrama, A fun soundtrack by Amit Trivedi, with eccentric lyrics adds energy.

Kajol playing a role of a singer having super stardom or as a doting mother lights up the screen with an effortless charisma. Tota Roy Chowdhury passably pitches in as her compassionate partner but lack of chemistry between the two shows.

National Award-winner Riddhi Sen also pulls off the emotional scenes with grace while Neha Dhupia plays well her limited role. But the film belongs to Kajol, who dominates every frame. Her portrayal of a single mom’s love for her only child is convincing, enduring and deserves applause.

Talking about the second half, the mother-son conflict is the central part of the story and their thought-provoking scenes become a smidgen as they all seem too much repetitive.

Taken as a whole, Helicopter Eela  is an entertaining, simple and endearing story of motherly love  so to understand your mom’s feeling  visit theater now.

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