'We stand united, my India': Rahul Gandhi
'We stand united, my India': Rahul Gandhi

At present, one after another leader-politicians are making statements about the hijab controversy going on across the country. Now congress leader Rahul Gandhi has joined this list. He has also responded to this issue. Recently, Rahul Gandhi has shared a picture of the Deccan Herald which you can see. Sharing the picture, Rahul Gandhi wrote, "'Unitedly we stand up, my India. ' You can see that in the picture shared by Rahul Gandhi, it can be seen that some girls are going to school. In which four girls are wearing masks while one girl is wearing a hijab. At the same time, the girl wearing the hijab is walking among the four girls and the hand of the hijab-clad girl is held by the rest of the girls.

The hijab controversy that started from Udupi city of Karnataka has become a topic of discussion all over the country. The case is being heard in the Karnataka High Court. During the hearing of the case, the court said, "The Constitution is our Bhagavad Gita, the matter has been being heard for the last several days and both sides are making their arguments in this matter. ' Along with this, advocate Ravi Verma, appearing for Muslim girl students, has said that people belonging to different religions wear crosses, lockets, bangles and turbans. But there is no question about them. But the government's order only questioned the hijab. These people are not sent out of school. The formation of the College Development Committee within the college is a murder of democracy. '

Not only this, Ravi Kumar said that girl students are being discriminated against on the basis of religion. The order given by the government does not say anything about religious symbols. Only the question has been raised about the hijab. It's just because of their religion. This is basically a violation of Article 15 of the Constitution. We don't have a hearing, why are we punished directly? '

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