'Hijab' mandatory for non-Muslim girl students in college!

Dhaka: Bangladesh's Supreme Court on October 4, 2010, ruled not to force any person in the country to wear religious clothes against his will. Even after this, this Ad-Din Sakina Medical College of Akiz Group of Bangladesh has been violating this order. The college management has made hijab mandatory as a dress code. Even today girl students of all religions are being forced to wear hijab as a dress code.

It was told that at the time of admission of girl students, the college administration takes their consent in writing in this regard and if non-Muslim girls refuse to wear hijab, then they are being prevented from taking admission due to various reasons. In this regard, a doctor of the college has said that it should not be seen as a hijab but as the ''dress code of the college.'' A Hindu student of the medical college has said that they too have to go to the campus wearing hijab like Muslim girl students. He said that we have to sign to accept the condition at the time of admission. We don't have the option to oppose even if we want to. He was expelled from college for a year.

In this regard, administrative officer Subrata Basak says that the rule has been in force since the establishment of the college in 2011 due to institutional decisions. On the question of making such an order even after the court's decision, he disconnected the phone without answering. Attempts were also made to talk to Sheikh Mohiuddin, the founder of the medical college, but he could not be contacted.   

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