Hindi Diwas: Hindi is spoken not only in India but also in these countries, know interesting facts!

14 September is a very special day every year. That is because this day is celebrated as Hindi Day. This day shows the importance of Hindi language and motivates us to increase the usefulness of Hindi in our lives. In today's time, people rarely speak Hindi or they do not know how to speak Hindi. There are some people who feel ashamed to speak Hindi. This day is celebrated to convey its specialty and importance. The purpose of Hindi Day is to connect youth with their roots and make them aware of it.

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For your information, let us tell that Hindi comes in fourth place among the most spoken languages in the whole world. But its decreasing priority becomes a matter of concern. Today we are going to tell some interesting facts about Hindi.

- Many such words are used all over the world which seem to be English words but in reality, these words are from the Hindi language. Some of these words are jungle, loot, bungalow, yoga, karma, avatar and guru.

- All nouns in the Hindi language have gender. They are either female or masculine. The adjectives and adverbs in this language vary by gender.

- The Hindi name is derived from the Persian word Hind which means the land of the Indus River.

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- Hindi is basically one of the members of the Indo-Aryan languages of the Indo-European family of languages.

- Many words in Hindi take inspiration from Sanskrit.

- Hindi has been written completely in phonemic script. The words of this language are explained in the same way they are written.

- It is one of the seven languages used to create a web address.

- Every sound in the world can be written in the Hindi language.

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- The Hindi language is not only used in India but also in other countries around the world including Pakistan, Fiji, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

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