Ayodhya case: 'What was there Temple or Mosque?' Today is the last day for Hindu side
Ayodhya case: 'What was there Temple or Mosque?' Today is the last day for Hindu side

New Delhi: Hearing of Ayodhya Ram Temple and Babri Masjid case will be heard today in the Supreme Court. According to the order of the apex court, the Hindu parties will have to complete their cross-examination today. In the 35th day hearing on Tuesday, the counsel for the Hindu side advocate Parasaran insisted on the place being considered as a judicial person, citing some verses of the Bhagavad Gita.

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Advocate Parasaran had said that "if people believe that there is divine power at someplace, then it can be considered as a judicial person, who has no difference with the divine expression". Citing the example of the Cuddalore temple, Parasaran said that "the Cuddalore temple also has no statue and only one lamp is lit, which is worshipped". Rajiv Dhawan, interrupting Parasaran's argument, said that "in all his examples there was a temple, it has been described as a temple". Dhawan said that "the place of worship can be called a temple with the faith of the people, the temple is a common term used for a place of worship".

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Rajiv Dhawan had said that "on the basis of only a few travellers it cannot be said that the temple was located there. Hindus started worship there from this place". Justice Bhushan had asked whether there would be one or two judicial persons, Bhumi and Ram? Parasaran had said that "there would be more than two judicial persons there". Justice Bobde had said that "some of these are the main deities and others are also". Parasaran had said that "there is a major deity in the temple and that deity is worshipped in many forms. Parasaran said that we call the court a temple of justice. We have many judges, but we call the whole institution 'court'.

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