House is totally burned down but owner cried in joy on seeing his pet cat alive

Dogs and cats are the two animals that are most reared in the world today. People are very fond of them and people like to follow them. We all know that dogs are considered to be the most loyal animals in the world because they are willing to do anything for their owners. Not only that, there are many reports that dogs lose their lives in the safety of their owner. However, while living together, the caretakers of these animals are so attached to them that they seem to cry for them.



Today, a video is going viral on social media Viral Videos where an elderly man is seen crying with his pet cat to his chest. The story behind it is going to cry, and you will cry after learning about this story. In fact, the case is such that the house of the elderly man in the video is completely burnt down. You can see nearby houses also appearing burnt. However, the elderly man is not as sad about the burning of his home as he is happy to have his pet cat saved from the fire. The video shows his happiness as to how he is holding the cat to his chest and crying.

You can see firemen also seen extinguishing the fire in this video. The 44-second video is extremely emotional and the emotional video was shared by IFS officer Susant Nanda on his Twitter handle and wrote, 'His house is completely burnt, but he cries happily when he sees his pet cat alive'. You can see everything in this video is very emotional and is crying.

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