Such a identified nail injury and adopting these home remedies

Nails are counted in the strong part of the body, although many times even a small scratch in the nail becomes intolerable. By the way, the nail injury mostly seems to be unknown. Sometimes from stumbling to being cut off by mistake, we delay recognizing the nail injury, which adds the trouble. It is very important to identify the nail injury immediately and treat it properly. In fact, due to bleeding from a cut in the nail, we are quick to know of the injury, although many times some internal injuries and wounds also form in the nails, which can prove to be quite fatal by not treating them in time.


However, if you want, identifying the symptoms of nail injury can prevent the injury from becoming serious with the help of some home remedies. Today we are going to tell you about those home remedies. Such an identified nail's internal injury - There are some common symptoms of internal injury in the nail, which you can recognize and treat immediately. Symptoms such as the blue colour of the nails, pain in the nails, nail bursting or detaching from the skin and the formation of stripes on the nails are signs of internal injuries in the nail. At the same time, due to the fracture around the nails, the pain in the nails also arises. Now we'll tell you the home remedies.


Remedy for getting cut- It is necessary to immediately apply ointment on the injury or wound after a cut on the nails. For this, first of all, clean the wound with the help of cotton. After that apply antiseptic medicine to it, as this will also stop your bleeding and the pain will also start to decrease.


How to cure an internal injury - Blood often accumulates when there is an internal injury in the nail. Due to this, the nails start to turn blue and the pain in them is also quite a lot. In such a situation, you can put an ice pack on the nails. After applying the ice pack for about 15-20 minutes, it will be beneficial to apply antiseptic medicine to it.

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