Keep rose water cotton in the ears and onions in your pocket, 7 things to keep in mind to avoid heat

Even now, no state has got relief from the heat and the way the flames of the sun are showing their fury, the condition of everyone from trees and plants to animals and birds is bad. Its impact is also visible in our actions. When we have to get out in a very strong smoke, we are in danger of getting heat. And during this time, if you are driving a bike or a scooty, then at this time, some such things should be taken care of so that we can avoid the heat. Today we are going to tell you about the same things that you have to take care of so that you survive the heat.

* If you are going out on a bike in the heat, then put rose water cotton in your ears. Because the hot air won't go into the ears.

* If you are going out in a loud incense, then keep a whole onion in the pocket, it absorbs the heat.

* If you are riding a bike or scooty in scorching heat, then keep the body completely covered, you can wear full-sleeved clothes. Keep in mind that in such a situation, give priority to cotton clothes.

* During this time, you must apply glasses due to the lack of direct air on the eyes, the dark-coloured glasses give coolness to the eyes.

* Keep your head covered while you're riding a bike. With this, you can cover your head with a scarf, hat, towel.

* In the summer, if necessary, you can only go out on a bike or leave at a time when the sun has started to set.

* Keep in mind that you should not drive fast, but when the weather is spewing fire, make sure that you do not drive fast in the rush hour. Actually comes in direct contact with hot flames and the risk of heat increases.

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