Muscle Cramps: Natural remedies to get rid of muscle cramps

Aug 22 2019 01:28 PM
Muscle Cramps: Natural remedies to get rid of muscle cramps

It is often observed that people have difficulty in muscle cramps which is very painful. Whenever this happens, you can't walk properly and you have to bear the pain. There are many reasons for this, mainly physical weakness, over-stressing, etc. Although this problem occurs for a short time, it is very painful. But to get rid of this, we're going to give you some tips that will bring you a lot of relief. Find out about these measures.

When you feel muscle cramps, take a little salt and lick it slowly. Doing it for a while will make you feel the difference.

Veins also rise due to low potassium content in the body. The easiest way to get rid of this pain is banana intake. It is rich in potassium, causing the vein to disappear.

Massage with ice
Take ice cubes into the cloth and massaged it in the area where you feel muscle cramps. This will give you some rest.

Use of pillows
If you feel cramps while sleeping, place the foot in a higher place, or put a pillow under your foot. Doing it will also give you some rest in a while.

Press Ear Point

Press the lower joint of the ear to the opposite part of the vein with the finger and slightly move the finger up and down for 10 seconds. This will release tension and discontinue the vein.

Nail Point
Press the nail of the finger on the side of the hand finger and the part of the skin. Press and hold it until your nerve is down.

Stretch that part where you have cramps. When you stretch, the side of your muscle is stretched, causing the vomiting to be drawn. But make sure you don't stretch with too much emphasis.

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