Simple Home Remedies To Treat Gum Disease

Aug 21 2019 08:48 PM
Simple Home Remedies To Treat Gum Disease

Many times it is seen that you eat something and the gums bleed. It can also be caused by a disease, but you can either go to a dentist who can give you medicines or something to avoid a situation. Or you can avoid this problem by using some tips at home.

Drinking Triphala tea can reduce gum bleeding. Triphala has an astral property that can relieve the problem of blood from the gums.

A low orange juice and half a teaspoon of natural sugar, a pinch of cumin seeds can also relieve this problem.
Drinking a glass of lemonade can prevent the bleeding from the gums.

Raw apples can be beneficial in the problem of bleeding gums. Eating a raw apple half an hour after eating cleanses teeth and relieves gum problems. You can also eat pears if you wish.

Eat Rasberry twice a day. Make sure that you eat them on an empty stomach. Make sure that you do not take these with dairy products.

In addition to these tips, massage your gums with coconut oil. This will strengthen your teeth and gums. Also, make sure that you brush your teeth regularly. Especially if you've eaten something sweet.

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