Hong Kong's Online fraud cases rise 24% in 2021: Reports
Hong Kong's Online fraud cases rise 24% in 2021: Reports

According to the police, more than 19,000 fraud cases were registered in Hong Kong in 2021, up 24% over the previous year. According to media reports, more people and organisations have turned to online or multimedia methods to communicate during Covid-19 pandemic, and fraudsters have also exploited the Internet and social media platforms to conduct crimes.

According to police records, the number of fraud cases in Hong Kong increased by over 24% last year to 19,249, with more than 70% of them involving online fraud. The number of incidents of telephone fraud fell by 53 to 1,140, while the amount of money lost increased by 41% to HK$810 million ($103 million). According to the police, the number of incidents of online dating investment fraud has also increased.

In 2021, the Hong Kong police and the mainland and foreign law enforcement agencies undertook a series of intelligence-led combined operations, breaking a number of cross-border fraud organisations and arresting 85 persons, including more than 260 incidents of online and telephone fraud in Hong Kong. In addition, five large-scale investment fraud cases totalling more than HK$2 billion were discovered, with HK$1.4 billion in assets detained.

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