How BuzzFeed will customise content using OpenAI's AI tools
How BuzzFeed will customise content using OpenAI's AI tools

USA: BuzzFeed, a digital media outlet, recently announced that it will be using OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, to "enhance" and "personalize" its content.

It has emerged as the most recent digital publisher to succumb to the allure of recent developments in AI technology. The company's shares soared more than 100% on Thursday, right after the announcement.

Today, AI tools are more widely used than ever. The development of ChatGPT, which can mimic human communication, has created new opportunities for content production.

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Many online publishers are starting to consider AI tools as their future. The use of AI tools is expected to provide a much-needed break to digital publishers as they battle declining advertising revenue.

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti informed employees of the company's decision to embrace AI in a memo. He predicted that "creators" and "AI" would shape the future of digital media.

He continued, "The creative process will become increasingly technology-enabled and AI-supported." Peretti discussed the important role of AI in BuzzFeed's editorial and business operations in the memo.

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Peretti described BuzzFeed's plans to integrate AI into its content production. According to him, later this year, Quizzes will be the first "AI inspired content" to be released on the website.

According to the business, quizzes with AI technology will give more specific results. More introspective questions will be included in the quiz, which will help the author create an exclusive and shareable article based on the reader's responses.

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Peretti doesn't anticipate AI producing its content. He claims that humans would serve as a source of concepts, "cultural currency," and "inspired signs."

According to him, AI in publishing can help both content creators and viewers by generating new ideas and enabling audience participation in the co-creation of personalized content. AI will usher in "a new era of creativity", he continued.

BuzzFeed staff expressed several concerns in response to Peretti's memo. The company responded to inquiries about whether or not it is implementing AI, stating that the tool is a strategy to reduce workforce while increasing the productivity and creativity of full-time employees. Later, in an all-party meeting, Peretti confirmed that the use of AI is not just for cost-cutting.

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