How can the police retrieve the videos that 'Kunwari Begum' deleted?
How can the police retrieve the videos that 'Kunwari Begum' deleted?

In the pursuit of quick earnings, many individuals often find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Shikha Maitreyi, popularly known as Kunwari Begum on YouTube, recently faced such allegations. In a bid to increase her follower count, Shikha allegedly instigated people to engage in sexual exploitation with a milk-faced child.

The consequences of these wrongful actions led to Shikha's arrest by the police. Currently, she has been granted interim bail, but authorities are intensifying efforts to retrieve objectionable videos that she had previously deleted from her YouTube account after an FIR was filed against her.

How Police Can Retrieve Deleted Videos

The police are striving to obtain videos that were deleted from Shikha's Kunwari Begum YouTube channel. There are several methods available for achieving this in legal matters. Typically, law enforcement agencies send an official email to the relevant social media platform, requesting the deleted content. Often, after receiving such requests, social media platforms restore the content.

However, if social media platforms refuse to comply, the police can obtain a court order compelling them to retrieve the content. Additionally, police departments employ hi-tech IT experts who can easily recover any deleted videos.

The Entire Case

Recently, a viral video on social media stirred controversy, depicting a woman provoking people about child abuse. Based on this video, a social worker filed a complaint in Kaushambi Thane, Ghaziabad. Taking cognizance of the matter, the police registered a case against Shikha, alias Kunwari Begum, under various sections. However, following her arrest, Shikha was granted interim bail. Shikha resides in the Indirapuram area of Ghaziabad. Educationally, she is a graduate from Delhi's NIFT and has previously worked in Bangalore.

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