Chinese citizens sneaking into America hiding in a washing machine, 11 arrested
Chinese citizens sneaking into America hiding in a washing machine, 11 arrested

Washington: Recently people often resort to the Mexico border to illegally infiltrate America. Many times people have been caught trying to cross the border by hiding through transports. Some Chinese people have also been arrested on the border of Mexico who wanted to go to America illegally. At the same time, these people adopted strange ways to enter America. While some were hidden among the furniture, some were locked inside the washing machine.

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At the same time, much information has been received that 11 Chinese migrants have been arrested from the US-Mexico border. On Saturday, when a truck was going from Mexico to the US, Petrol officials caught the Chinese hiding in the furniture and other items loaded with it, along with the driver of the truck was an American citizen. He has also been arrested. At the same time, the American Customs and Border Protection has said that 11 Chinese are being taken into custody and a criminal case is being held against them.

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Due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China, the Chinese are also facing difficulty in getting the US visa, the US has also issued a visa on Chinese authorities regarding the imprisonment of Muslims in China's Zhejiang province. Were banned. The United States has also referred to Uygar Muslims in jails of China several times. In November, five Indians were detained by the US patrol officers on the Mexico border itself. He was also caught by a truck that was being driven by an American citizen. Indians did not have valid immigration documents.

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