North Korea's missile test successful, America threatens
North Korea's missile test successful, America threatens

Washinton: Recently, the bitterness between the US and North Korea does not seem to be diminishing. Where the US seems to be hardening after the recent missile test done by North Korea. Now America threatened North Korea. At the same time, in a threatening voice, it was said from the US that if it tests missile again, it will not be good for both the countries.

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It has been said from the US that during this time North Korea has been invited for peace talks. If this is not taken care of, then its consequences will be fatal. Let us know that North Korea has already threatened the US to remove all kinds of sanctions on North Korea from the US. North Korea has been asked in its threat.

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Sources say that if the US does not lift all kinds of restrictions, then it will give a Christmas gift to America. As before, there has been a series of threats between the two countries. At the same time, many missile tests have already been done by North Korea.

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