Jammu and Kashmir: Chief Justice Geeta Mittal warns lawyers, may take strict action
Jammu and Kashmir: Chief Justice Geeta Mittal warns lawyers, may take strict action

Chief Justice of the High Court of the state of Jammu and Kashmir of India, Geeta Mittal has clarified that action can be taken against the lawyers for contempt of court in case of the arbitrariness of lawyers. Appealing to the Senior Advocate to honor his seniority, the Chief Justice said that the honor given to him by the court should be fully respected.

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Supreme Court has clear instructions that if an advocate goes on strike, boycotts the court, locks the court or prohibits the entry of others, action should be taken against that advocate. There is also a provision for action under the Jammu and Kashmir Advocate Act.

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Chief Justice said this in the context of the arbitrariness of some lawyers during the ongoing strike on the issue of registry of the land. Instructed to entrust the security of the district court premises to the central security forces. He said that the security arrangements in both classes are entrusted to the local police, but the police is proving to be a complete failure in stopping the lawyers.

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In his statement, the Chief Justice said that in front of the police, the lawyers lock the gate, keep furniture and prevent entry and the police is unable to do anything. This cannot be tolerated. The Supreme Court has also given appropriate guidelines regarding the security of the High Court and District Court Complexes of all states and union territories and its security is in the central parts of the country as well. The Chief Justice found that in the Srinagar Avg of the High Court, on September 7, 2019, posters threatening to carry out suicide attacks were pasted. Many sensitive cases of NIA are also heard in Jammu. On the other hand, the lawyers lock the gate.

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