Bangladesh angry with Amit Shah's statement, retaliated by saying something like this
Bangladesh angry with Amit Shah's statement, retaliated by saying something like this

Foreign Minister of India's neighboring country, Bangladesh, Dr. AK Abdul Momin said that there are very few countries where communal harmony is as good as Bangladesh. He further said that if he (Home Minister Amit Shah) stayed in Bangladesh for a few months, he would see exemplary communal harmony in our country. He said that what he is saying about the persecution of Hindus is non-essential and wrong.

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According to information received from Bangladeshi media about this matter, he also said that he (India) has many problems within his country. Let them fight among themselves. It does not bother us. As a friendly country, we hope that India will not do anything that affects our friendly relations. Also, he said that this issue has come before us. First, we will read about it, only then we will take it up with India.

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Home Minister Amit Shah had attacked the Congress and said that in 70 years, the number of minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh is steadily decreasing. Whereas, their number has increased in India. Home Minister Amit Shah made this statement during the ongoing debate on the Bill introduced for amendment of the Citizenship Act 1955. For information, let us know that the Citizenship Amendment Bill has been passed in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Apart from this, Shah further said that this bill is true for the millions of refugees who are living the life of hell. He said that I am happy that lakhs and crores of refugees who have reverence for India will get security through this. Confusion is being spread about the bill, I would like to remove it.

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