How ESIC Generated More Jobs for Youth: 19.42 Lakh New Members Added in August 2023
How ESIC Generated More Jobs for Youth: 19.42 Lakh New Members Added in August 2023"

New Delhi: In a major boon for the Indian job market, the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has reported a remarkable surge in employment opportunities for the nation's youth. As per the latest provisional payroll data, ESIC welcomed a staggering 19.42 lakh new members in August 2023.

The Ministry of Labour & Employment issued a statement on Friday, affirming this impressive milestone, stating, "The provisional payroll data of ESIC reveals that 19.42 lakh new employees have been added in the month of August, 2023."

The data highlights the registration of approximately 24,849 new establishments, all now included under the social security umbrella of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation. This expansion of coverage is seen as a significant step towards providing social security to a broader spectrum of the workforce.

What is particularly encouraging is the substantial boost in employment opportunities for the nation's youth. Out of the 19.42 lakh employees who became ESIC members in August, a substantial 9.22 lakh individuals belong to the age group of 25 years or younger, constituting an impressive 47.48 percent of the total new registrants.

Furthermore, a gender-wise analysis of the payroll data indicates a notable increase in female members. In August 2023, the net enrolment of female members reached 3.73 lakh, showcasing a positive trend towards gender diversity in the workforce.

In an inclusive move, ESIC reported that 75 transgender employees also successfully registered under the ESI Scheme during August 2023, affirming the organization's commitment to providing benefits to every segment of society.

The provisional nature of this payroll data underscores the ongoing, continuous nature of data generation, reflecting ESIC's dedication to adapt and evolve in response to the dynamic employment landscape. These latest statistics serve as a promising indicator of progress in facilitating social security and job opportunities for India's workforce, especially for the youth and underrepresented groups.

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