Quiz time: How is 1st September celebrated?

1. In what form is September 1 celebrated?

A. World Coconut Day
B. National Nutrition Week
C. V-J Day
D. None of the above
Ans. B

2. When is Teachers' Day celebrated?
A. September 2
B. September 3
C. September 4
D. September 5
Ans. D

3. When is International Literacy Day observed?
A. September 6
B. September 7
C. September 8
D. September 9
Ans. C

4. In what form is 8th September celebrated?
A. Brazil's Independence Day
B. International Day of Charity
C. World Suicide Prevention Day
D. World Physical Therapy Day
Ans. D

5. In what form is September 14 celebrated?
A. World First Aid Day
B. World Suicide Prevention Day
C. Hindi Day
D. International Charity Day
Ans. C

6. When is International Democracy Day celebrated?
A. September 13
B. September 14
C. September 15
D. September 16
Ans. C

7. When is Malaysia Day celebrated?
A. September 15
B. September 16
C. September 17
D. September 18
Ans. B

8. What is the theme of World Maritime Day 2020?
A. Empowering women
B. Promoting Women in Marine
C. Empowering women in the marine community
D. Continuous shipping to a sustainable planet
Ans. D

9. When is International Translation Day observed?
A. September 27
B. September 28
C. September 29
D. September 30
Ans. D

10. When is World Heart Day celebrated?
A. September 25
B. September 27
C. September 28
D. September 29
Ans. D

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