Jackpot! How This Punjab Woman Won Rs 8.2 Crore Lottery in Dubai
Jackpot! How This Punjab Woman Won Rs 8.2 Crore Lottery in Dubai

A woman from Punjab, India, named Payal, celebrated her 16th wedding anniversary in a remarkable way this year. She purchased a raffle ticket online using money gifted by her husband, which turned out to be the winning ticket for the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire series. This win earned her $1 million (approximately Rs 8.2 crore).

The Winning Ticket
Payal bought the winning ticket, number 3337, online on May 3, using Dh1,000 gifted by her husband, Harnek Singh, on their anniversary. She chose the ticket because it had the most number 3s in it. Payal has been participating in the Dubai Duty-Free raffle for twelve years, often picking numbers with significance to her family.

Long-standing Tradition
For over a decade, Payal has been buying Dubai Duty-Free tickets, frequently choosing the number three. She usually purchased these tickets at the airport during their travels but decided to try her luck online this time. This tradition paid off handsomely.

Sharing the Good News
Payal was overwhelmed with joy when she called her husband to share the news. She plans to surprise their 14-year-old twins with the news when she picks them up from school today.

Future Plans
When asked about her plans for the prize money, Payal said, "It's still too early to decide. But, our priority is to secure our kids' future – to give them a really good education for a good life."

Payal's story is a testament to the joy and excitement that the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire series brings to participants worldwide.

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