Know how to turn hair black with potato
Know how to turn hair black with potato

There are many people in the world who waste millions of rupees to darken their hair, but you will be surprised to know that you can blacken hair with the help of potato peels. After hearing this, not all of you will be sure but it is true. The starch present in it works as a natural color. The hair mask prepared from potato peel contains vitamins A, B and C, which removes the frozen oil on our scalp and does not allow dandruff. The iron, zinc, potassium and calcium present in potato remove the problem of hairfall. Let's know how to make a hair mask of potato peel.

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Potato peel hair mask - For this, peel the potato first. After that boil the peels well in a cup of water. When it boils well, cook it on low flame for 5 to 10 minutes. After this, keep this mixture to cool for a while. Now after that, fill this water in a vessel and if you have a pungent smell of potato water, then to get rid of it, you should also add a few drops of lavender oil to it.

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How to apply - It should be beneficial only if you have clean and wet hair. Massage the scalp with this mixture for five minutes and leave it on the hair for half an hour. After that wash the hair with cold water. Do this twice a week, your hair will turn black after some time.

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