How to choose the Best SMM Panel in this flooded market | 100% Honest & Unbiased

SMM Panels play an Important role in P.R and Social media industry. Major influencers and agencies use SMM panels to boost their and their client’s profile. If you're reading this article then chances are you have already used & tried smm panels.

My Question to you is, are you fed up with non-working SMM Panels? If your answer is YES, then I’ve got your back, read this till the end and I will give you a perfect solution to it.

Every SMM Panels should pass this checklist below:

1. Vast Portfolio of Services

2. Various Payment Methods
3. Strong Support System

4. Smooth Services
5. Multi-Currency Support

Let me explain all these points one by one so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. I know there are tons of SMM Panels in the market but I’ll take SMM Quality as the reference to explain here.

1. Vast Portfolio of Services:

In 2021, Working Indian SMM services are rare. If you pick any random panel it should have a vast category of services ranging from Instagram & Facebook to Google Business & Quora. SMM Quality is a whole package for the same.

Whenever you choose a panel make sure they have all sorts of services because hitting new doors for your requirements can be hectic. Summing up my words on this topic, pick an SMM Panel with various types of services.

2. Various Payment Methods:

In the past 3 Months almost every panel has turned off their indian payment method options. This thing is actually bugging because then a consumer has to go and purchase some crypto at a price of 10% up and load it into the panel to use their services. In the long term this hurts the pocket of the consumer.

If you have seen payment methods in SMM Quality, they have various methods like Paytm, Paypal, Crypto, Perfect Money etc which you can use. This point can cost you extra bucks to keep check of it.

3. Strong Support System:

Great support service should be number one priority for you. Many SMM Panels have scum down to auto replies to tickets which don't answer customer’s query at all. An ideal SMM Panel should have fast (2-4 hours) ticket replies along with Whatsapp, Skype or Telegram support. Concluding this point, SMM Panels with top-notch support service will keep you going smoothly in the market.

4. Smooth Services:

There are thousands of SMM Panels in the market. All of them provide hundreds of services but what matters is smooth experience. They will claim 2 hour delivery but cannot deliver it even after 12 hours, it truly sucks and not the best experience at all.

Choose panels which keep their word and deliver it in time they have mentioned. - This is the best part of this panel. You can actually see how much time a particular service took in previous orders.

5. Multi-Currency support:

People using SMM services aren’t limited to India only. In my opinion SMM Panels should support at least 2 Currencies INR and USD to make it easy for users that are based in other different countries. If a panel doesn't have multiple currency support, you will have to mess up with the calculator the whole day.

Rounding up my words on this topic, Go through all my points and make a checklist of your own choice and select a panel. I’ve personally been into this market for over 5 years now and for me SMM Quality works the best. Also to inform you this is a totally honest and unbiased review. I’ve not been sponsored by any of the panels I’ve listed above. Have a great day ahead. Cheers! 

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