Diwali Hacks: Decorate your house with these easy tricks to make it beautiful
Diwali Hacks: Decorate your house with these easy tricks to make it beautiful

There is only some time left for Diwali. This time the festival of Diwali is coming on 14 November. People decorate their homes with lamps on Diwali and apart from this, people decorate their houses in many ways. Today we are going to tell you how you can decorate your house very wonderfully.

* With flowers - Instead of decorating the house with more flowers, you can place one or two strings on the door of the house. By doing this, your house will get a simple as well as festival decoration.

* Rangoli - Make a Rangoli at the main entrance of your house because it will also make the house look beautiful and the visiting guests will also be very happy to see it. You can make Rangoli as you like whether from traditional colours to flowers.

* Decorate the corner with lamps - If you want to make your home look different, then just changing the lights of the house will not change the entire look of the house, but you can apply it in the house. If you use lamps instead of artificial lights to decorate the house, it would be better. 

* Paper Lanterns - In Diwali, many types of goods are found in the market and these include paper lanterns. You can decorate your house with paper lanterns because it is beautiful in appearance and at the same time gives light to the house.

* Floating Candle - You can also use a floating candle in this Diwali as it is excellent and can be an add-on to your home decoration.

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