House will remain cool like snow even in heavy heat, just follow these 4 important measures
House will remain cool like snow even in heavy heat, just follow these 4 important measures

The summer season has already begun and in the coming days, the temperature reaches 48 degrees centigrade during the day in many parts of the country, including Delhi. At the same time, with the increase in heat, there are fears of increasing the power problem. As long as there is electricity, the summer can be overcome with the help of a cooler or ac, but after the power is gone, there is a need to find an alternative solution. There are some special measures through which the house can be kept naturally cool. 

Special ways to deal with the heat:-

Use electronic equipment only when needed: - A room in which more power lights or TV runs, it has more heat than other rooms. With this in mind, use led in place of mercury bulbs in the room. Keep electronic devices such as computer-TV off when they are not in use.

Keep the mood green with greenery: - There can be no better natural way than trees and plants to keep the house cool. Plant trees outside and inside the house. To plant trees inside the house you will easily find options in the market.

Install falls sealing: - Install falls sealing on the roofs. This creates an extra layer under the roof and the effect of the heating of the roof due to the sun does not have much inside the room. Another feature of this is that it also enhances the beauty of the room. You can take out the heat of the house by putting a chimney in the kitchen.

Water-based painting is also effective in preventing heat: - Oil-based painting is liked by many people and it is also associated with status. However, its biggest disadvantage is that it makes the room warm. A water-based painting should be used to keep room temperature low. The outer wall of the house should use white paint reflecting energy to be less hot. You should paint the roof here.

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