To increase love in married life, wear this ring today

Sep 11 2019 03:40 PM
To increase love in married life, wear this ring today

Nowadays it is not possible to increase love between husband and wife every day. In such a situation, in every relationship, there are small disputes in every relationship, but many times this dispute takes the form of a big fight and the husband and wife get separated. At the same time, both get divorced and both get upset with each other.

According to astrology, due to the weakening of Venus and Jupiter or both, there is a problem in marital life, and sometimes even small mistakes inadvertently cause problems in marital life. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some such measures which if you do continuously for 27 days, then love will remain in your life. Let's know these measures.

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Solution -

# It is said that on Friday, the husband and wife should shop for flowers together, but should only buy roses or white flowers and bring them home and put them in the bedroom. In such a situation, love grows.

# It is said that the husband and wife should sleep towards the east or south direction while sleeping, but keep in mind that do not put idols or pictures of Gods and Goddesses in the room because it ends the love.

# It is said that on any Friday one should buy a perfume or perfume with a light fragrance and the husband and wife will offer the same perfume to Lord Lakshmi Narayan and then apply the same perfume, then the love will grow between the two.

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# It is said that Goddess Lakshmi or Durga will be offered white sweets to the husband and wife and with that, if they accept that sweet as a Prasad, then love will remain between the two.

# It is said that the wife should wear a gold ring and husband should wear a silver ring because it increases love between the two.

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