Astrology: These women likely to have twins

Sep 07 2019 04:26 PM
Astrology: These women likely to have twins

Children are the blessing for a married couple. Giving birth to a child is an amazing feeling but god bless some women with Twins. Today we are going to tell you which women get twins according to astrology.

1. Moon and Venus are located in the same zodiac.

2. Mercury, Mars and Guru are in Visharam.

3. It is said that if the Ascendant and Moon are located in the equator and are seen by male planets, then a twin child is born.

4. If Mercury, Mars, Guru and Ascendant are strong and situated in the same house, then a twin child is born.

5. If there is a Guru-Sun in Gemini or Sagittarius, 

6. Venus, Moon, Mars, Virgo or Pisces zodiac sign has two daughters.

7. It is said that in the seventh place of a woman's horoscope, Rahu or Guru-Venus are together, then a twin child is born, but after a long time after marriage.

There are also twins due to this - it is said that if twins have been born earlier in your family, then it is very likely that you too will have twins. With this, if you are a twin to your siblings, then there is a possibility of having twins.

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