How to permanently get rid of cellulite in 5 steps

Apr 22 2019 09:30 PM
How to permanently get rid of cellulite in 5 steps

Cellulite is a term from the beauty industry. It is used by cosmetologists. Doctors (for the most part) do not recognize him, just as the phenomenon itself is not considered a disease. Nevertheless, in the fight against cellulite, a medical approach is needed: not to drown out the symptoms, but to seek and eliminate the root cause. Therefore, first it would be good to know what cellulite is and how it appears.

Where does cellulite come from

Cellulite is rather not the problem itself, but its consequence: the external manifestation of changes in the structure of the deepest layer of skin - the hypodermis. This is a layer of subcutaneous fat. Here are formed fat cells - adipocytes. They serve the body as energy depots: they store energy converted from carbohydrates.

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Typically, adipocytes are small kernels that gently adhere to each other in larger formations — they are called fat slices. But these lobules begin to deform (enlarge, become larger), if under the skin there is an accumulation of fat due to improper, unbalanced nutrition.

The capillaries around the adipose tissue can not cope with such a load. Edemas appear, and then, if no measures are taken, the lobules become hard knots, and subcutaneous tubercles appear. And with them the orange peel effect.

By the way, other factors lead to such a nuisance:

Low physical activity on the background of a sedentary lifestyle .
Bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol).
Hormonal disruptions.
Disorders in the circulatory system.
Genetic predisposition.

Which of these items do you tick? They just have to deal with if you take up the fight against cellulite.

What is cellulite?

But along with the reasons you need to determine also the degree of neglect of the problem.

The first stage is not quite cellulite yet. When it is in its infancy, it is more likely to be edematous than irregularities and bumps. The second stage is also harmless in appearance: the skin turns into an orange peel only if you strain the muscles.

In the third stage, cellulite is visible to the naked eye, strong swelling is felt. The fourth stage is no longer just an external defect, but a health hazard: at the same time it happens that it is even painful to touch the fat nodules. Blood circulation can be very difficult, so that without the help of doctors cannot do.

And what can you do yourself when cellulite is already worried, but the situation is not critical yet?

1. Change your diet

Perhaps the main rule is to avoid fast carbohydrates, which, before you look back, are converted into fats and deposited on the sides. And it is better to refrain from sweet, fried, salted, smoked, not only in the fight against cellulite, but in general for health.

Make sure you drink enough water. Without it, a healthy metabolism is impossible, it also helps to eliminate toxins from the body, which, by the way, just accumulate in fat cells.

Pay attention to the proteins in your diet: for the body it is primarily a building material (needed for muscles), not a source of energy, so it will have to eat the accumulated fats. Thus, the fatty layer under the skin will melt, which will make cellulite less noticeable.

There are products that nutritionists call real fighters against cellulite: these are fruits with sourness (for example, kiwi) and citrus (especially grapefruit), bananas, cabbage, greens, fatty fish, avocados, cereals, nuts, dried fruits. Let them in your diet will be a little more.

Remember: changing your eating behavior, it is important to ensure that the diet remains balanced and the body due to this received all the necessary substances to him in the right quantity.

2. Play a sport

Physical activity protects from stagnation of blood and lymph, which plays an important role in the appearance and development of cellulite. That is why this problem is so common among those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Strength training, such as squats and attacks, will help fight directly against cellulite, and aerobic exercise - burn calories, spending on this fat reserves.

Among the best types of training for cellulite, by the way, are called trampoline and water aerobics .

3. Take care of your health

Since cellulite is a reflection of irregularities in the body’s work, every effort should be made to ensure that these malfunctions do not occur. What hurts you:

Tight clothes and heels. Too narrow, tight clothing compresses the tissue, their blood supply is broken. A large load on the vessels of the legs creates heels. Given that the problems with the circulatory system and cellulite are closely related to each other, to dress better with an eye on their health.
Smoking. Nicotine is not the best way to affect blood circulation, as well as the condition of the skin, which can enhance the appearance of cellulite.
Stress. They shatter the well-established mechanisms of work of different body systems, and also affect the hormonal background.

4. Do the procedures

They alone do not solve the problem of cellulite. However, you can make the orange peel less noticeable. Moreover, both home and salon procedures are effective, which contribute to the outflow of fluid from tissues, improve blood circulation and skin condition:

Cold and hot shower.
Pressure therapy.
Ultrasound therapy.
Laser therapy.

5. Use makeup

To cellulite disappeared from sight, it is useful to use special cosmetics. Firstly, these are scrubs - products with abrasive particles (for example, sugar or salt), which exfoliate the skin, and also improve blood circulation and skin tone with it.

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Secondly, these are creams with such substances as caffeine, extracts of ivy, sabelnik, algae, ginkgo biloba, carnitine, nicotinic acid. True, most of these creams do not work if their use is not accompanied by training.

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