Do these 5 things to bring positivity in house

Nowadays, the havoc of the coronavirus is everywhere and everyone is troubled by it. In the houses where there is dirt, and cleanliness is not taken care of, there is also the risk of many viruses which cause loss of life. With this, Vastu defects also increase.

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Due to Vastu doshas, there is more negativity in the thoughts of the people living in the house. It is said that due to negative thoughts, there is no success in the works and one has to face mental stress. To remove Vastu defects, smoke of camphor, indigenous ghee, sandalwood, frankincense and googling should be done daily in the house. So let's know what you can do to protect your home from Vastu defects and viruses.

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It is said that to remove the negativity of the house, everyday smoke of 5 holy things should be done in the house. These five things are camphor, indigenous ghee, chadan, frankincense and googal. Simultaneously burn a kanda made of cow dung and when the smoke stops coming in it, then put these five things on the coals of the cowdung. After taking precautions, spread this smoke in the house and by giving incense like this, you can also get the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses in the house. It is said that all these five things are considered sacred and the smoke emanating from them makes the atmosphere of the house pure. With this micro microbes are destroyed and the effect of Vastu doshas ends. Positive energy increases by doing this and its smoke also removes bad odor of the house. Always keep these five things in your house.

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