Avoid skin infections like this during the rainy season

Sep 10 2019 10:08 AM
Avoid skin infections like this during the rainy season

There are many ups and downs in the temperature during the rainy season. Sometimes this weather gets cold, sometimes it is humid. This season also increases the risk of skin infection among many diseases. These troubles occur on the body, tearing of the skin or fungus in the feet and nails, these problems become common in this season. In this case, we are going to tell about how to avoid skin infection.

1. During the rainy season (Monsoon Hair and Skin Care Tips), the viscosity of hair increases greatly and they become dry as soon as they become dirty. Therefore, in such weather, while washing them, after shampoo, use a good conditioner. This will also protect against infection of the scalp caused by dirt.

2. Avoid wearing synthetic and tight clothes. This increases the chances of skin rashes. Wear cotton and loose clothes in such weather that air can pass easily. If your body will not be able to breathe properly, then there are many chances of skin rash. While keeping clothes in the cupboard, do not forget to keep phenyl tablets with them.

3. Use soap, powder or body lotion products that protect your skin from any infection during sweat and moisture. Also, keep your nails and feet clean. Use caution when performing manicures and pedicures. Always get it done in a good parlor. Many times infections are caused by the tools used for this. At the same time, use antiseptic in the water used for cleaning nails and feet.

4. Pay special attention to facial cleansing to prevent pimple discomfort and rash. For this, apart from washing face with a good face wash, you should always keep wet tissue with you. Use it when you feel the need. Do not use oily makeup products. Use mineral-based products.

5. Take a shower in the morning and evening. Use Neem leaves in the water while taking a bath. Talking about the skin of the scalp, you should massage oil regularly for its moisture. After applying oil, do steaming and masking as well.

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