Can not eat normal Sattu? make laddus like this

Sep 09 2019 04:43 PM
Can not eat normal Sattu? make laddus like this

Sattu is a traditional food which has again attracted the attention of the people in the last few years. Let us tell you, the fiber and other nutrients of nutritious grains such as barley and gram are the biggest feature of Sattu. People eat Sattu very often during the summer season and apart from its nutritiousness, Sattu is considered homegrown comfort food. It also has many benefits. But if you do not have to eat sattu in the usual way or if you want to make a delicious and healthy cheese made of sattu for children, then you can also make different types of sweets from sattu flour. Let's know about them.

Here we are writing another great way to include Sattu in our diet. If your children also do not eat Sattu in this way, then you have to make them in the form of some sweets. You can make sattu laddus for children to eat and know its method.

To make Sattu ladles you will need:

250 grams Sattu Flour
250 grams ground sugar
100 grams Ghee
A pinch of cardamom powder
2 tablespoons chopped cashew-almonds for decoration

How to make Sattu ladoos:

Heat ghee in a vessel.

Now put sattu in a big plate. Add ghee, sugar powder and cardamom powder to it. Mix all these things well.

Make laddus by dividing this mixture into small parts. Garnish each laddu with chopped cashews and almonds.

These laddoos are delicious to eat and can also be stored for several days. If you or your children go away from home frequently in connection with work and you want to eat less unhealthy food outside, then Sattu ladoos can also prove to be a healthy snack for you.

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