How to purchase oxygen concentrator for home, know all details
How to purchase oxygen concentrator for home, know all details

The second wave of corona epidemic is raging in the country, with measures like lockdown, corona curfew failing to prevent its  spreading. From hospitals to crematoriums, humans look helpless. Meanwhile, there have been reports of shortage of life saving medicines used in the treatment of coronas like oxygen cylinders, Remdesivir, as well as several cases of black marketing. Doctors are attributing the main cause of death due to the disease to low oxygen levels in the body of an infected patient. In many hospitals people are dying due to lack of daily oxygen. People are forced to wander from door to door for oxygen.

Amidst all this, the demand for oxidation concentraters (Oxygen Concentrator) has also increased rapidly, which can be used especially in hospitals facing shortage of patients and oxygen in home isolation. Many people are using oxidan econtors at home and are trying to maintain the ever-declining oxygen level from corona infections. But it is very important to know how this concentrater works and which corona patients can use it. First of all, do you know what oxidan econtrater is? In fact, it is a medical device that extracts pure oxygen into a cylinder by removing other gases dissolved in oxygen from the surrounding air. State that the air in the environment contains 78 percent nitrogen and 21 percent oxygen, while the ratio of other gases is 1 percent. The oxygen concentrater takes in the air of the environment, filters it and collects the remaining oxygen in the cylinder for patients except nitrogen back in the air. Popular brands like Philips and BPL have 5 litreoxygen concentraters priced between Rs 45,000 and Rs 65,000, depending on the model and area. However, these oxygen concentraters are selling up to Rs 1,00,000 in the market. A 5 litre oxygen concentrater can give you 5 litres of oxygen in a minute. Similarly, a 10 litre can provide 10 litres of oxygen per minute. According to health experts, 5L oxygen concentraters are sufficient for patients suffering from COLID-19 with oxygen levels between 90 per cent and 94 per cent. 10L oxygen concentrater is able to provide adequate oxygen to two COVID-19 patients. But still, you should consult a doctor before making a purchase.

How to Buy :-
To buy it, you can contact the oxygen concentrater company directly through the website, then get the number of the dealer in your area from them and buy an oxygen concentrater from them. Because if you buy an oxygen concentrater from another place, they will probably charge you up to double the amount as the price of the oxygen concentrater. Oxygen concentraters of dozens of companies are present in the market in this era of corona epidemic, so experts point out that you choose a trusted brand to buy oxygen concentraters so that you don't get fake or bad products.

Which patients are effective for:-
Doctors point out that oxygen concentraters are beneficial for corona patients with oxygen levels of between 90 or 95 per cent. In case the oxygen level is less than 90, it is not useful for corona patients. Patients who need to be admitted to the ICU are not affected. However, the concentraters can be effective in saving the patient's life until adequate oxygen is arranged to be given to the patient through the cylinder.  However, the central government says that oxygen concentrater is not effective when the oxygen level of every corona patient drops. Professor Sanyogita Naik, head of the anaesthesia department at BJ Medical College in Pune, points out that oxygen concentraters can be used only if the patient infected with corona virus is in moderate or medium state and the patient's oxygen level has not dropped high. He says a healthy person needs 5 litres of oxygen per minute. Based on this measurement, the doctor will decide whether the patient needs oxygen or not.

Home Oxygen Concentrater :-
This concentrater is used at home. Such oxygen concentraters work on electricity. They need electricity from your socket to work. Home oxygen concentraters can provide much higher amounts of oxygen than a portable oxygen constructor. If you are infected with corona, the domestic oxygen concentrater will be better for you.

Portable Oxygen Concentrater :-
You can easily carry portable oxygen concentraters. Such oxygen concentraters do not need continuous supply of electricity from wall sockets to work and have batteries. Which, once fully charged, can provide oxygen for 5-10 hours depending on the portable oxygen constructor model. However, these coronas are not beneficial for infected patients as they provide very small amounts of oxygen.

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