Trick to remove pilling from clothes

Apr 16 2018 05:09 PM
Trick to remove pilling from clothes

While wearing certain cloth types people often get embarrassed due to lint balls. We generally encounter this problem with our winter clothing. A lot of winters clothes stay in the cupboard as excess pilling makes them look dull and worn-out. Removing such pilling and those tiny lint balls can be quite tiresome. We generally do it with our hands but it takes loads of time.
To get rid of these type of clothing problems, we have picked up a simple and quick hack for you. Using an old razor to remove pilling from clothes is really helpful. So, try this genius hack and here is how you can do it:

1. Use any disposable razor (not the one blade ones) for this hack. Try to avoid the new and sharp razors as it will harm your cloth.

2. Then, place your sweater on a flat surface and hold it tightly near the affected area.

3. Now, slowly move the razor up and down to remove the sweater pills.

4. And that's how you can de-pill any winter outfit.

If you are using this technique for your clothes which are having design or embroidery then use this razor really carefully. If you will use a brand new razor for this it can give cuts to your cloth.

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