How Trupti Dimri Revealed How the Nude Scene with Ranbir was Shot in Animal
How Trupti Dimri Revealed How the Nude Scene with Ranbir was Shot in Animal

Bollywood actress Trupti Dimri has become a turning point in her career with the film "Animal." Even after playing small roles, she is being honored with titles like National Crush. Her scenes in the film were challenging, and people have given negative feedback as well. Trupti was a bit troubled by this. In an interview, she revealed how she shot the intimate scene with Ranbir and also spoke about the "boot-licking" scene.

Trupti Dimri's films "Bulbbul" and "Laila-Majnu" did not find an audience initially, but she gained recognition with the Netflix movie "Bulbbul." Now, after "Animal," she is being praised everywhere. In "Animal," Trupti plays the character of Joya, and there is a bold bedroom scene with Ranbir, leading to negative comments. In an interview, Trupti addressed this scene, saying that the rape scenes in "Bulbbul" were more challenging for her.

Trupti mentioned the criticism she faced and how it initially bothered her, as she had received very little criticism for her early films. She expressed that as long as the people on set make her feel comfortable and she feels she is doing the right thing, she will continue acting because becoming an actor was her choice. Trupti praised Ranbir and the unit, stating that only four people were on set during the scene—herself, Ranbir, Sandeep sir, and the DOP. They would check on her every 5 minutes, asking if she was okay and if she needed anything. Trupti emphasized that having people around who make you feel comfortable makes such scenes not awkward at all.

Regarding the boot-licking scene in the film, Trupti responded to the criticism, saying that she wouldn't do it the way it was portrayed if she thought like Trupti. She learned in acting class that every character has a good and bad side, and you can't show your dirty face to everyone. You have to present yourself well in front of people. The film doesn't suggest that people should behave this way; it's just the dark side of the character.

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