Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's Private Secretary Threatens Media person!

Aug 15 2019 12:23 PM
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's Private Secretary Threatens Media person!

On Tuesday, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi reached Ubha village in Vadra Ghoraval Kotwali area. It is the same village where 10 people were killed and 28 injured in the July 17 massacre. Meanwhile, Sandeep Singh, a media-man covering Priyanka Vadra's visit, was beaten and abused by her private secretary Sandeep Singh.

What was more, the whole episode happened in front of Priyanka. The Congress leader even threatened to stumble the media-man. The video of the beating has gone viral on social media. Mediaman Nitish Kumar Pandey sought a case against Him at Ghoraval Kotwali, after which the police on Wednesday registered a case of rape and abuse. Let us know the full details

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According to Nitish Kumar Pandey, he was going behind the convoy for coverage. Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi was beaten up by Vadra's private secretary Sandeep Singh. The cameraman was also indecent while putting his hand on the camera. However, others there intervened and calmed the matter. Sandeep Singh has been the president of the JNU Students' Union on ISA's ticket. The man is notorious for misbehaving with journalists and activists during every visit of Priyanka Gandhi. On Tuesday, when Priyanka Gandhi was at Vadra Sonbhadra, Sandeep Singh did the same. The video of the beating is also going viral.

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For your information, tell us that the viral video shows the journalist questioning Priyanka about ending Article 370, but Priyanka's colleagues are pushing her back. When the journalist tried to ask Priyanka a question, Sandeep Singh came there and said, "Listen, I'll play here... I'll fall down.'" the journalist kept shouting, "Look, Priyankaji is threatening to kill your worker in front of you... Being hit on camera. Meanwhile, Sandeep Singh also appeared to say, "Don't disburse us with money from the BJP... I don't mind.'

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