Wife attacked husband with the scissor, death

Aug 14 2019 12:01 PM
Wife attacked husband with the scissor, death

A recent case of crime has surfaced that is shocking everyone. The case that has come to light recently is from Adilabad. According to reports, on the pretext of Eid celebration in this case, the wife called home and killed her husband with the help of his brothers. According to reports, after calling the husband home, the wife's brothers quarrelled with the brother-in-law and then attacked her with scissors and seriously injured him. He was hospitalized but died. Sheikh Asif, who lives in Bokkalguda in Adilabad, has two wives.

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According to information received in this case, Kinwat's first wife and firsosh second wife, and a few days later, there was a quarrel between Firdosh and Asif. According to reports, the second wife wanted Firdosh to leave the first wife, but Sheikh Asif was living with his first wife and in the meantime the second wife complained against Asif at the women's police station. According to reports, the young man did not want to be with another wife and the second wife, angry with Asif's attitude, planned to kill her husband.

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She called her husband home on the pretext of the goat, and after coming home, two brothers from Paradise quarrelled. Meanwhile, the two attacked him with scissors and the seriously injured Asif was hospitalized but died. According to reports, the police registered a case against the second wife, Firdaus, Salee Salim, Farooq, father-in-law Azim and mother-in-law Halima, Sali Nasim and Hasina on the complaint of the deceased family members.

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